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All About: Us

Why we do it

We believe that young people should be prepared for their future. They shouldn’t wait until six months after graduating before starting to think about their career.


We understand that employers need to engage the top talent earlier.

Leaving it late is no longer an option. Both for candidates and employers.

That’s why we decided to guide our users throughout the entire process, all the way from school to employment. Whether they follow the university path or take the non-university route, we want to help talented young people every step of the way.

We also understand that employers need the right candidates, not just the required volume of applications. We believe that targeting different user groups should be made much, much easier for our clients.

What we do

It’s quite simple really. Employers knock on our metaphorical door and ask us to help them promote their graduate schemes, placements, internships, apprenticeships and school leaver programmes.

We say “Yeah, ok.”


We ask our clients questions. We find out what they want to achieve. We try to understand their biggest challenges. We have a good think. We draw up a strategy. And then we put together a bespoke package that will help them accomplish their objectives with aplomb.

Harnessing the power of our awesome products, our sizeable audience and our understanding of the target demographic, we help employers spread the word to the right graduates, students and school leavers in the right way, at the right time.

We do this using a plethora of different solutions.

They’re all good. And, best of all, they’re all in one place.

You don’t need to promote your graduate programmes in one place, your internships in another and your apprenticeships somewhere else entirely.

We tick every box. We cover all bases. We fill every hole.

If you want to attract graduates, we’ve got it covered. If you want to entice undergraduates with an incredible internship, no problem. If you want to grab the attention of school and college leavers, we’re your go-to guys.

How we do it

Awesome content.

By providing interesting, insightful and authoritative information, plus exposure to the very best jobs and career opportunities, we build a relationship with our users that keeps them coming back, all the way through the process from school to employment.


Growing a community of young people that trusts us, helps us help our clients.

Integrating our clients’ messages into our newsletters, well-designed websites, vibrant social media channels and engaging editorial content enables our clients to inspire, charm and capture the imagination of their target audience.

Since launching AllAboutLaw.co.uk in the golden summer of 2008, our expert team of sharp, creative and perceptive young people has helped us to become one of the most important purveyors of careers information in the UK.

We have expanded over the past five years and now run five successful careers websites, plus a student market research service.

All About: Our Team

  • Paul Harris
  • Co–Founder

The big cheese, the charmer, the moviegoer.

Best film ever seen?

Hands down, The Lion King. Such an emotional rollercoaster. It proves that even chiefs of the magnitude of Mufasa aren’t safe in this world. I’m welling up now even thinking about it.

  • Jack Denton
  • Co–Founder

The big dog, the raconteur, the linguaphile.

Worst job after graduating?

Working on a chicken farm. Have you seen Napoleon Dynamite? It’s like that but worse. Dead chickens in bins a metre from where I was working, stifling heat and constant attacks from angry cockerels. It was alright, though, because they were paying me £3 an hour.

  • Jack Collins
  • Project Manager

The coordinator, the ideas guy, the pop punk nerd.

Greatest epic fail?

When asked to do a presentation during a job interview at an advertising agency, I did some seriously mental ‘outside the box’ thinking and rearranged the office furniture into the shape of a car. I didn’t get the job.

  • Olivia Piepe
  • Marketing

The communicator, the branding maestro, the West End musicals aficionado.

Worst ever dining experience?

After hearing microwave ‘pings’ at a pricey Caribbean restaurant, asking who was cooking the food and being told “Oh, the chef’s not here today.”

  • Jos Weale
  • Editorial

The wordsmith, the perfectionist, the Evertonian.

Most heartbreaking moment as a football supporter?

Sifting through the hefty chronicles of Everton-related heart breaks, it would probably have to be waving goodbye to the then ‘Wunderkind’ Wayne Rooney. Wayne, it could have been something special. We got over it…

  • Brendan Vella
  • Design

The scribbler, the creator, le geek c’est chic.

Guilty pleasure?

Eating entire packets of things that are either meant to be shared or eaten in more than one sitting. This month it's coconut macaroons. Last month, malt loaves. Admittedly, I don't feel guilty about doing this, but I’m often told I should be.

  • Lizzi Mehta
  • Account Executive

The go-to girl, the mathematician, the cox.

Marmite or fudge?

Put those bad boys together and we’ve got ourselves a party. Just kidding.

  • Andrew McKenzie
  • Editorial Intern

The grammar stickler, the coffee drinker, the sleepy vegan.

Most painful experience?

I once sat through a nine-hour tattoo session in a dirty flat, and the resulting tattoo looks depressingly similar to The Laughing Cow logo.

  • Amandeep Bains
  • Editorial Intern

The literary enthusiast, the gourmand, the green tea connoisseur.

Scariest film ever seen?

I am definitely more terrified by ‘slasher’ plots than spooky plots, so I would have to say Halloween (the 1978 original - not the terrible remake!) Mike Myers is relentless; he just keeps on coming back! It still gives me chills...

All About: Our Products


Career exploration, careers advice & jobs.

The essential springboard into the job market for school leavers, students and graduates. Packed with up-to-date information, AllAboutCareers is the place to go to find out about graduate schemes, internships, placements, apprenticeships and school leaver programmes.

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Law jobs, courses & advice.

The essential law careers website for aspiring lawyers and wannabe legal professionals. Supporting school leavers, students and graduates, it offers unrivalled information on law firms, law schools, jobs, internships, apprenticeships and the various career options within the legal sector.

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Jobs, apprenticeships & advice for school & college leavers.

For ambitious school and college students who are looking for an alternative to the traditional university route, AllAboutSchoolLeavers shines the spotlight on school leaver employers and showcases the nation’s top apprenticeships and school leaver programmes.

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Our free careers guidance tool for school & college students.

MyCareerSpringboard is designed to help teachers deliver careers guidance to their students in the most fun, simple and effective way possible. Over 1,800 schools in the UK now use our career test and career exploration tool to inspire and educate their students about different career options.

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Explore & compare the top employers in the UK.

A one-stop shop where school leavers, students and graduates can compare the top employers in the UK and find out more about their job opportunities. It hosts the only employer ranking in the UK to focus purely on school leaver programmes, sponsored degrees and Higher Apprenticeships, which is published in partnership with The Independent.

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Student market research & brand consultancy.

Specialising in the school leaver, finance and legal markets, we produce insightful annual surveys and offer a variety of bespoke research services, including panel surveys, desktop research and focus groups (both online and face-to-face), to help our clients better understand the ever-changing school leaver and graduate recruitment markets in the UK.

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All About: Our Audience

200K+ user

Over 200,000 unique users a month.

100K+ user

Over 100,000 registered members.

30K+ user

More than 30,000 fans on Facebook.

More than Milkround and Prospects combined.
20K+ user

Over 20,000 registered school leavers.

1K+ user

Over 1,800 secondary schools currently using MyCareerSpringboard.org
in the UK


Our superior data capture allows us to target users by age, gender, location, chosen industry, university, degree subject, year of study, UCAS points, educational background, social background and ethnicity.


All About: Our Clients

We currently work with more than 130 clients. Here’s a selection…